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Emily Szabo E.L.A.

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The cover of the story Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry prepared me for this story.
I think that it prepared me because it showed some colored children outside a house and right next to them is a fire! The kids look scared and helpless and that is what happens in the story. The colored kids always have trouble with the white people. They have also heard of bad things happening to other colored families by the doings of the white people. There is one white kid, T.J., that stands up for and hangs out with the colored family. One day he took advantage of them and got the answers on a test from them. He got caught but didn't do the act alone. Another white kid was in it too! He used T.J. because he knew that T.J. was good friends with the colored families and knew that they could easily get the answers. But when T.J. got caught the other kid said that he didnt do it and it was all T.J.'s fault. Then in revenge the colored kids knocked over the white kids bus! The colored families had risks everyday of being mugged, fired or laid off, but most importantly the risk of their family getting hurt or their house burning down! This story was taken place durring segrigation and that is obveously shown on the cover of the book. The illustration was just amazing with great detail and it showed an understanding of what the book was going to be like. If you've ever heard of the saying "Don't judge a book by its cover" that is the exate opposite of this book. the cover shows how there will be chalenges to overcome by the colored people and that is exacly what the book shows!

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Six sesquipedalian words that I found in the book,
"Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry"

1. noncommittal - Refusing commitment to a particular opinion or course of action; not revealing what one feels or thinks.

2. vigorously - strong; active; robust.

3. reverberated - to rebound or recoil; to be deflected.

4. disdainfully - full of or showing disdain; scornful.

5. whitewashed - a composition, as of lime and water or of whiting, size, and water, used for whitening walls, woodwork, etc.

6. well-maneuvered - to make or hold motionless with amazement.

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Some vocabulary and phrases from the book
that I would like to add to my personal vocabulary are:

1. Disdainfully- full of or showing distain; scornful.

2. Saucer-eyed- having large round wide-open eyes.

3. Loitering- to procide slowly or with many stops.

4. Belfry- the part of a steeple or other structure in which a bell is hung.

5. Flounced- to go with impatient or impetuous.

6. Tarpaulin- a protective covering of canvas or other

material waterproofed with tar, paint, or wax.